Forbes – The Growing Calls For China’s Accountability For Covid19 Response

Over the recent weeks, more and more actors have been calling for China to be held accountable for its response to the Covid19 outbreak. Their argument states that the Chinese government’s (early) handling of Covid19 and failure to adequately report information to the World Health Organization (WHO) allowed Covid19 to spread uncontrollably, first outside of Wuhan, and then, worldwide. 

Some of these calls have now been answered. Among others, in March 2020, Berman Law Group, a Miami based law firm, has launched a legal claim (class action) for “damages suffered as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, against Defendants, the People’s Republic of China and its various government entities overseeing the response to the Coronavirus pandemic in China generally and within Hubei Province and the City of Wuhan.” The claim alleges that China failed to “report the outbreak as quickly as they could have; underreported cases; and failed to contain the outbreak despite knowing the seriousness of the situation.” It further states that China, among others:


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