Epoch Times – Americans Sue Chinese Regime, Seeking Truth About the Virus

John Vecchiarello was going to the hospital for appendicitis when he heard his son, 15, came down with a sudden fever. His ex-wife, who was supposed to drive him to the hospital, called to say she had to take their son to his pediatrician urgently. Then Vecchiarello got the news that his son was sick with COVID-19.

Until then, aside from following the social distancing rules, Vecchiarello hadn’t given special thought to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus that had become a pandemic. But this hit so close to home Vecchiarello was spurred into action.

He started doing all the research he could; he wanted to know what was being done about the virus, and what he personally could do for his son.

The more he read the more he realized this started in China and might have been contained if the authorities had reacted properly.

He remembered reading news that the Berman Law Group was suing China over mishandling the virus, often called the novel coronavirus, in a class action lawsuit, and Vecchiarello thought about joining.


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