Law Fuel – The China Coronavirus Lawsuit: The Law Firm Suing China For the Coronavirus

The Berman Law Group, the Boca Raton-based personal injury firm, has been first out of the blocks to issue a lawsuit over the coronavirus, targeting a client as big as any they will ever sue: the Peoples Republic of China.

The China coronavirus lawsuit filed this week by attorneys Matthew Moore and Vincent Duffy alleges that the PRC failed to report and contain the virus promptly, or to disclose the number of cases.

“Given what was happening in the past few days in the United States, it seemed to the firm and Russell Berman, the head of the firm, we weren’t going to get any better,” Moore, who works in Los Angeles, told “It seems like chaos is about to unfold on the United States. We wanted to address it, and get it out there.”


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