Fox News – Firms backing anti-China suit suggest country is behind uptick in incoming cyberattacks

EXCLUSIVE: The firms behind a class-action lawsuit against China over its alleged mishandling of the coronavirus tell Fox News that they have seen a significant uptick in cyberattacks against their businesses as they have pursued their case to hold China financially liable for economic and personal damages caused by the virus in the United States.

Berman Law Group, the class-action firm running the suit, and Lucas Compton, the lobbying firm partnered with Berman to run PR and government-relations related to the suit, said they are seeing upwards of 5,000 cyberattacks on their systems per day, and suggest the attacks may be coming from the Chinese government. This is a sharp increase, the firms say, from the number of attacks they received prior to filing the lawsuit last month. A spokesman for the firms told Fox News that the attacks have especially ratcheted up in the past week as the suit has gained publicity and media attention.


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