NTD – American Seeks Justice for Aunt in Pandemic Lawsuit

Ray Bodine said his 86-year-old aunt has some recollection of what happened to her twin sister.

Due to their developing dementia, Lenora and Lauretta Joyce were admitted to a nursing home in Washington State. But earlier this year, the CCP virus invaded the Issaquah Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, infecting them both. Lauretta lost her sister to the disease.

This awful turn of events prompted Bodine to join a lawsuit looking to hold China financially accountable for mishandling the outbreak. As of April 30, over 13,000 plaintiffs have joined the class-action suit filed by Berman Law Group.

Anyone “directly affected or impacted by coronavirus may join the suit,” which includes business owners and the family members of victims, according to a press release from the firm.


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