What’s the Best Way to Handle a Contractual Dispute?

No matter how hard you try, sooner or later disagreements between people will arise. It’s just how the world works. Well-intentioned people read the same paragraph and cannot agree on the meaning of what they have just read. This difference in interpretation is at the heart of what we refer to as a contractual dispute. Where it involves corporate law, Fort Lauderdale has its fair share of contract disputes.

For a contract to be valid and binding, it requires what the law refers to as a “meeting of the minds.” If the parties disagree on the meaning of terms or conditions found in a contract, no such “meeting of the minds” exists and the result is a contractual dispute. Since a contract dispute can be a very complicated situation, the Fort Lauderdale business law experts at The Berman Law Group are here to assist you.

What Is A Breach of Contract?

When parties to a contract disagree on the contract terms, the resulting contract dispute results in one of the parties to the contract not doing what the other party to the contract expects of them. This is referred to as a breach of contract. The law puts such breaches into two different categories, referring to breaches of contract as being either a Minor Breach or a Material Breach. A Minor Breach is just what it sounds like: a small breach that does not destroy the whole contract. You might think of it as a breach that is “no big deal.” On the other hand, a Material Breach of a contract is a breach that is at the core of the contract, often referred to as an “essential element” of the contract, and is significant enough to support a suit for breach of contract.

How Can A Contractual Dispute be Resolved?

So now you ask, if contract disputes arise, how can they be resolved? The law uses the term “remedies” to refer to the way the law seeks to resolve issues. Remedies for resolving contractual disputes fall under two categories, referred to either as legal remedies or equitable remedies. Legal remedies usually involve the injured party seeking money from the party who breached the contract. Equitable remedies would involve other actions, like the parties agreeing to changes or revisions to the contract. When it comes to corporate law, Fort Lauderdale residents can find help at The Berman Law Group by resolving contractual disputes.

How To Avoid A Contractual Dispute Before It Arises

Contract disputes can involve large areas of disagreement about numerous areas of a contract. However, contract disputes are just as likely and often are, the result of a disagreement regarding the meaning of a few words (or perhaps only one) in the contract. All it takes is one ambiguous reference in a contract to set off a contract dispute. The wording of a contract should be carefully reviewed by the parties prior to the signing of the contract to ensure that intentions are properly spelled out in advance and to ensure that all parties to the contract are of the same mindset (remember “meeting of the minds”) prior to the execution of the agreement.

Fort Lauderdale Business Law

Of course, one of the best options you have is to talk with a qualified attorney. best Prior to getting into a big contractual dispute, try consulting the corporate law experts in Ft. Lauderdale at the Berman Law Group. Our attorneys can assist you through the whole contractual process, start to finish, so you can avoid the pitfalls just reviewed. The Berman Law Group has experienced attorneys who are available to fight for your rights and ensure you get the representation you deserve. Call us today at (800) 375-5555 for a free consultation.

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