COVID-19’s Effect on Personal Injury Cases

COVID-19’s impact has been unprecedented across the U.S., affecting not just individuals but our nation’s court system.

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Court Delays Due to the Pandemic 

Throughout the epidemic and resulting lockdown, courts have faced unprecedented closures, reduced hours, and fewer hearings. Anyone with a pending claim can expect significant delays during the lockdown. 

Seeking Care During the Pandemic

Personal injury cases rest on consistent documentation of the injuries sustained in an accident. If you are injured or suspect you may be, seek medical attention immediately. A successful court case hinges on written documentation of your injuries and health care services provided. 

Whether your injuries arise from a car accident, malpractice case, or the negligence of another party, you must prove you’ve sustained trauma at the fault of another party. Moreover, you must show you’re doing everything in your power to heal from those injuries.

During the Coronavirus crisis, some people may hesitate to seek medical care out of fear of contracting COVID-19 in hospitals and doctors’ offices. 

But these concerns do not negate the necessity to obtain documentation for your injuries and to undergo the appropriate treatment. Victims may also face longer wait times in hospitals and other facilities. If you face a delay in care, diagnosis, or rehabilitative treatment as a result of the Coronavirus crisis, it might be prudent to wait on filing your claim. 

Once the doctor examines you, your attorney can better understand the scope of your injuries and calculate the compensation you deserve.  At Berman Law Group, we advise our clients to keep their appointments whenever possible and to follow the CDC’s guidelines for social distancing and hygiene during COVID-19. 

Insurance Companies More Likely to Investigate Fraudulent Claims

Unfortunately, the pandemic has created a climate for fraudulent cases. Facing the impact of narrowed profit margins and loss of customers, insurance companies are stringently investigating claims for fraud. 

A simple call to an attorney can save you time, money, and anxiety. Call your attorney as soon as possible after your accident. Your attorney can advise you on how to issue your statement properly.  

Fraud investigations will uncover any inconsistencies–intentional or otherwise–in your statements. Any inconsistency or red flag may limit your entitled damages.

Settling Your Personal Injury Case

You can expect to feel increased pressure to settle outside of court. As the crisis continues, many Americans will find themselves juggling precarious financial futures, which may lead to more incentive to settle. 

In today’s economic climate, insurance companies may take advantage of your desperation for fast cash and offer settlements much lower than your calculated damages. A professional lawyer from Berman Law Group will keep your best interests in mind. We will help you calculate your legal damages and negotiate fair settlements on your behalf. 

Indefinite delays in the court system can stretch out cases for months, and even years. With the increased financial strain of the impact of COVID-19 surrounding us and many people out of work, you may feel increased motivation to settle your case. Attorney representation is crucial to an equitable resolution. 

Not all settlements will result in timely payment. In some cases, financial hardship will lead to lapses in insurance coverage for businesses and private citizens, which may make it all the more difficult to collect your compensation award. During times of economic strife, the nation may see an uptick in bankruptcy claims, which can delay compensation awards even longer.

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