TweakTown – Coronavirus cover-up: China hit with $4 TRILLION reparations lawsuit

A class action lawsuit is suing the Chinese Communist Party for $4 trillion over COVID-19 coronavirus

A new class action lawsuit has been brought on by Florida-based law firm Berman Law Group against the Chinese Communist Party, with over 10,000 people signing the class action lawsuit seeking $4 trillion — yes, trillion with a T.

The $4 trillion lawsuit has family members that have contracted, and died of COVID-19 as well as healthcare workers who have gotten sick and died from COVID-19, as they didn’t have personal protective equipment. 60 Minutes Australia talked with the chief stategist behind the lawsuit in Florida, Jeremy Alters.

Alters said that China should take accountability for the human loss and economic destruction that has knocked the world onto its knees, telling a 60 Minutes reporter: “We are now in the depth of this economic and human crisis that could have been mostly prevented, if not all prevented”.


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