Against The Tide TV – “China should have to pay! It’s that simple.” Jeremy Alters – The Berman Law group

“China caused this problem for the world, for the citizens of United States and they should pay for what they’ve done.” Jeremy Alters – Chief Strategist in The Berman Law Group in an exclusive interview for Against the Tide (Idź Pod Prąd) TV about Corona #ChineseVirus #Covid19.

We’ve asked Jeremy about their chances of success and why Berman Law Group have decided to sue the Chinese Communist Party.

“Make no mistakes about it, this will be strenuous hard fought legal battle, that China would have to appear and be responsible for it. If they refuse to take responsibility for pay for what they’ve done, this is the purpose of US courts. That’s the purpose of our ability to bring this into US courts and we will do that to the fullest extent of the law.”


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